A timeless heritage, down to the very first thread.

CANNON, with its rich history dating back to the year 1887, has flourished under the community’s pursuit of fine textile for over 100 years, making it one of greatest pioneers in the textile industry.

Providing quality that caresses the senses.

CANNON impressions each detail to be intricate and each touch to be immersive through using premier fibres such as long-staple cotton and century-old weaving secrets.

Always a trend-setter, ahead of its time.

CANNON is notoriously known to be adventurous; to see ahead in time and dazzle audiences through least expected ways. Such boldness has always attracted the affluent, no matter the era.

Creating moments that ripple through generations.

CANNON is always changing with times to meet the ever-changing demands of the community. Since its founding, CANNON has created special moments in families which transcend even generations.